Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

For many years now our qualified, experienced & talented Environmental Consultants have been developing highly effective & easy-to-use environmental management systems for organisations across Australia.

Our Environmental Consultants specialise in providing environmental risk management services such as:

Conducting environmental compliance reviews for organisations; and

An environmental management system is quickly & efficiently developed

Our approach is to develop high quality and easy-to-use environmental management systems efficiently. In fact, an environmental management system we develop can be ready for use in as little as 5 days and as demonstrated by our clients they can be implemented and 100% ready for ISO 14001 certification in only 7 days.


A straight forward, effective & easy-to-use environmental management system

We draw upon our knowledge and experience when developing high quality, ISO 14001 compliant environmental management systems. An environmental management system we develop are never overburdened with unnecessary documents or paperwork requirements, and are streamlined for easy implementation by an organisation.

To reduce the stress and workload burden for employees we provide clear step-by-step instructions for implementation and upkeep requirements. We also offer clients assistance via phone or email during implementation at no additional cost.


A legal review is included with every environmental management system

When we develop an environmental management system we also include a comprehensive legal review, in plain English and in a user-friendly format. This review is based on the organisation's environmental risk. We also ensure that legal requirements are fully incorporated into operational control procedures and routine inspections so that organisations can both ensure and monitor their own compliance. This approach ensures an environmental management system we develop is both legally compliant and 'fully' meets the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard.


An additional competitive edge

Additionally, being independent we don't have all the overheads expected from traditional consultancies. We've also specialised in delivering environmental risk management services and can quickly and effectively deliver a quality service. This means we can keep our costs low, quickly develop an environmental management system and provide competitively priced services to all of our clients.

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