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We are always on the look out to expand our network of qualified and experienced Environmental Consultants.

Our Environmental Consultants typically have ten or more years of experience, a diverse range of experience and relevant qualifications such as a Bachelor of Environmental Science or Environmental Engineering. All Environmental Consultants have auditing skills recognised by Exemplar Global or equivalent. They operate their own business or work as part of a small team. They are based within Australia. All Environmental Consultants are able to work independently, and have excellent communication and client management skills. They pride themselves in producing a quality product and are able to offer their clients value for money.

Benefits from joining our network may include increased work load and advertising services on already established and effective websites.  By joining our network, you will also gain working relationships with Australian colleagues that specialise in the same area of environmental management.

If you would like to express interest in joining our network of Environmental Consultants, believe that you meet our requirements, and would like to learn more about our terms and conditions, then please email a brief overview of your experience, qualifications and services to admin@environmentalmanagementsystem.com.au .

It should be noted we don’t directly recruit individuals. If this changes we will advertise as such.


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